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Grease Trap Specification Sheets, DWGs, Manuals & Handbook Downloads

Big Dipper & Trapzilla PDF Format Specification (Cut) Sheets

Here you can view and download spec sheets for all sizes and models of Big Dipper and Trapzilla units.  You can also find spec sheets on many of our optional accessories for Big Dipper and Trapzilla. 

In this section, you can download engineering specifications & dimensional information of Big Dipper & Trapzilla units. We have engineering drawings for all size models in both the Internal Strainer (IS) series and the Automatic Solids Transfer (AST) Series Big Dipper units. Engineering drawings for our Trapzilla units and solid strainers are also available. You must have a CAD program on your computer in order to open these files.
Big Dipper & Trapzilla Engineering Handbook & Product Catalog
In this section, you can download elements of the Big Dipper Engineering Handbooks & Product Catalogs as individual PDF documents, or you can download the entire Handbook as a Zipped document. All elements of the Engineering Handbook & Product Catalog are available in this section.

Big Dipper & Trapzilla Installation & Operation Manuals
This section contains downloadable copies of our most current Big Dipper & Trapzilla Installation & Operation Manuals. We have provided the dates that each manual was released. If you have a unit that was installed before this date, please contact Thermaco, Inc. We will be happy to help you get the correct manual that correlates with your unit.

Big Dipper Brochure
Downloadable Big Dipper® Thermaco, Inc. Corporate Brochure. Click here to download Thermaco, Inc.'s 12-page color brochure.

Trapzilla Brochure

Downloadable Trapzilla® Thermaco, Inc. Corporate Brochure. Click here to download Thermaco Inc.'s 14-page color brochure. 

  Evaluwell Brochure

Downloadable Evaluwell® Thermaco, Inc. Corporate Brochure.  Click here to download Thermaco Inc.'s 2-page color brochure.