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Grease Traps for Plumbing and Building Officials

Grease traps are an important factor in the role of plumbing & building inspectors. Inspectors want to make sure that the building, when complete, satisfies all code requirements.

With thousands of systems installed in the field worldwide, Thermaco, Inc. has recognition as the predominant manufacturer of automatic grease & oil removal units. With a small footprint, Big Dipper systems are perfect for space-constrained installations in tight kitchens. Big Dippers also work well in metropolitan and heavily developed settings, where exterior space for installing a large, in-ground trap is limited or non-existent.

Grease Traps for Plumbing and Building OfficialsOther areas in which Big Dipper systems apply are historical districts and aesthetically sensitive areas. When engaging in construction or modification of a building in a historical area, some requirements include the restoration of all exterior areas surrounding the building to exactly the way it was before construction started. In the case of retrofitting, for example, a school in a historic district with a new kitchen, every brick/cobblestone removed when installing the grease trap must be replaced in exactly the same way it was before. Not easy!

Big Dipper systems have many listings and approvals in many cities and regions. For a listing of these approvals, please contact us by email.